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Guadalupe County, Texas 150th Anniversary

In 1838, a company of Texas Rangers settled along the Guadalupe River at a place called Walnut Springs.  8 years later after the Republic of Texas joined the Union, the area became known as Guadalupe County.  Numerous German immigrants would soon settle the area and continued to prosper.  Now, 175 years later, we celebrate this rich history.

Engraved is a Henry Big Boy 45 LC lever-action rifle.  Utilizing 24 Karat Gold, Nickel, and Black Chrome, Guadalupe’s history is showcased on the metal.  This rifle will be limited to only 15 rifles to ever be made.  Contact us today for availability and own your very own piece of Guadalupe County History. 

Only 15 Rifles Will Be Made

Henry big Boy 45 lever action rifle

Engraved in Rapid City, South Dakota

This engraver has over 40 years of experience and has produced some of the highest quality engraved firearms in the industry. The engraving process takes about 12 weeks to complete.

Heirloom Arms LLC encourages your involvement in determining the style used in crafting your Collectible Firearms. We are very versatile and will react to your needs in a timely and highly professional manner. Let us create a unique firearm for your county, city or in honor of your family business. We are your source for custom etching with the highest quality available. Every collectible firearm edition is very limited in availability and is quite unique.

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