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St. Johns County FL Bicentennial Rifle

St. Johns County FL Bicentennial Rifle

Engraved is a Henry .45-70 lever-action rifle.  Utilizing 24 Karat Gold, Nickel, and Black Chrome, the metal of the rifle is engraved with the key icons and events of St. Johns.  From the Flagler era to the Mission, the county’s history is celebrated.  Limited to only 30 rifles, this is an heirloom to add to your collection.  Contact us today for more details on how to own yours. 

In 1821, when Florida had just joined the Union, the state was split into 2 counties.  Separated by the Suwannee River, the land located to the east of the river became St. Johns County.  The county was home to a history older then itself with America’s oldest city sitting as its county seat.  2021 marks the bicentennial of this county and Heirloom Arms LLC is proud to celebrate this history with a Henry rifle.

Henry 45-70 Win Lever Action Rifle

Henry Repeating Arms motto is “Made in America or Not Made At All”.  This American-made lever-action comes with a 20” octagon barrel and is chambered in the 45-70 Win caliber. 

Experienced American Engraver

Our engraver has been perfecting his talent since 1979.  Based out of Rapid City, SD, American values drive the high quality and precision of the engravings.  Each rifle is carefully plated and engraved to give you the highest quality firearm.  Not only is the detail exquisite but made to last for generations.

Only 30 Will Ever Be Made

There will only be 30 numbered rifles ever made.  Keeping the edition size small will guarantee that you own a piece of history.  Once the edition sells out, you demand the value of your firearm.  This anniversary will only happen once making this edition a one-of-a-kind. 

Fundraising Item

Planning a fundraiser this year?  This limited edition rifle is the ideal item to raise funds for your organization.  Firearms consistently bring the highest returns at fundraisers and what better way to celebrate your area than with this limited edition.  Between its eye appeal, history and uniqueness, this rifle will drive the highest bid. 

Heirloom Arms LLC encourages your involvement in determining the style used in crafting your Collectible Firearms. We are very versatile and will react to your needs in a timely and highly professional manner. Let us create a unique firearm for your county, city or in honor of your family business. We are your source for custom etching with the highest quality available. Every collectible firearm edition is very limited in availability and is quite unique.

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